CapitaMall Trust’s inaugural annual report (“Annual Report”) is a milestone and culmination of a significant year in which Singapore’s first listed real estate investment trust debuted. More importantly, the end of 2002 marked the first official occasion for investors to assess CapitaMall Trust’s performance.

During the Initial Public Offer (“IPO”), CapitaMall Trust forecasted post IPO returns in excess of 7% for 2002, based on the issue price of S$0.96. As at 31 December 2002, CapitaMall Trust’s annualised distribution yield was 7.66%, outperforming forecasts by 8.5%.

This is indeed heartening news to unitholders of CapitaMall Trust, particularly in the context of a depressed global economic climate.

Notably, CapitaMall Trust has delivered on its promise of defensive qualities and growth potential by virtue of a strong team of asset management professionals who synergise their acumen and expertise while exercising uncompromising corporate governance and transparency.